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Alden Terrace School Hosts Science Fair

Alden Terrace School Students at Science Fair thumbnail231401

Alden Terrace School students recently presented their science experiments during the Unique Learning System Science Fair.

Prior to the fair, the scholars learned about the scientific method and conducted various experiments. They were then able to select one or two experiments to present during the fair. Teachers Lisa Connor, Kelly Connor, Deborah Jean and Laura Karmin, along with the classroom aides, worked directly with the students on conducting and presenting the experiments.

The experiments featured during the fair included “Dissolving Candy Corn Pumpkins,” “Do Pumpkins and Pumpkin Parts Sink or Float?” “Pepper Scatter,” “Lava Lamps, “Ramp It” and a pumpkin foaming experiment.

Parents, guardians and fourth graders were invited to attend the science fair. Additionally, Principal Shawnée Warfield, Assistant Principal Shona Beldo and District Director of Technology and Curriculum David Spinnato enjoyed the fair.

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Date Added: 11/16/2022 

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