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Exterior of Covert Avenue Elementary School
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Covert Avenue School

Mrs. Mary Natoli, Principal
Mrs. Valerie Donoghue, Asst. Principal
Mrs. Alison Gunn, Asst. Principal

144 Covert Avenue, Elmont, NY 11003
Phone: (516) 326-5560
Fax: (516) 326-0547
Hours: 9:10 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Our Mission: To support, encourage and challenge our students and staff in a collaborative environment that nurtures high educational expectations.


Aligned with Elmont Union free School District’s mission of reaching and teaching for excellence, the Covert Avenue Elementary School Family is committed to creating students who are ready to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world. Together as a community of learners, we design challenging instruction to assist our students reach their personal goals and achieve academic excellence.

In all grades, our students are challenged with rigorous curriculum that is aligned and supports the Common Core Learning Standards. At Covert Avenue, our students are on the way towards college and their future careers!

Along with our academic goals, our Covert Avenue staff and families build character in our students. Special attention is made in the development of the traits which our students will need to become responsible members of society. Together as a school community, we stress and model the attributes of confidence, respect, honesty, citizenship and tolerance. Our commitment to educating the whole child is reflected by the motto that adorns our front lawn, “Children for a Better Tomorrow.” With our entire school community, Covert Avenue students are guided to reach their personal potential and achieve academic success.


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Covert Avenue School Celebrates National Poetry Month

Two students in front of a wall that says There's a poem in my pocket about me thumbnail217587
Student in front of board full of poems thumbnail217588
Two students in front of a wall dedicated to poets thumbnail217589
Two students in front of a poem wall thumbnail217590
Two students in front of poem wall thumbnail217591
Two students in front of a wall that says Poem in my pocket thumbnail217592
Throughout April, Covert Avenue School students read and learned about famous poets and wrote their own poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. To conclude the month-long celebration, the school hosted “Poem in Your Pocket Day” on April 29.

Students’ poetry was displayed in the hallways on bulletin boards. They wrote acrostic poems, rhyming poems and poems describing themselves. Some students wore necklaces with short poems on them as well.

Date Added: 5/20/2022