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Elmont Union Free School District

 Student COVID-19 Reporting Procedures


To report a positive case of COVID-19 for a student please follow the procedure below:


1.     Notify your child’s school nurse:


Alden Terrace School

Sarah Corallo, RN

Phone: 516-285-8207





Clara H. Carlson School

Natasha Warburton, RN

Ashley Smith, RN






Covert Ave. School

Colleen Foley, RN
Supervising Nurse






Dutch Broadway School

Jean Madonia, RN

Gelissa Benoit, RN






Gotham Ave. School

Elizabeth Creaven, RN






Stewart Manor School

Nicole Hartcorn, RN



Be prepared with the following information:


1.     Date of symptom onset or date of positive COVID-19 Test result.


2.     Documentation showing proof of a positive COVID-19 test result.


*Isolation timeframe and estimated date of return to school will be provided by your child’s school nurse.


*Mask wearing will be required upon return to school, while on district premises, on days 6-10 from the first day of isolation. 


2.     Please report any symptom changes that may impact your child’s date of return to your child’s school nurse.


3.     Reach out to your health care provider for additional information pertaining to your child’s individual COVID-19 diagnosis.


Please use the link below for the most up to date COVID-19 information.

Nassau County Department of Health COVID-19 Information and Resources

*Please remember to keep your child home if they are sick or exhibiting symptoms

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