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Emergency School Closing Information

When schools are closed or open late without prior notice, announcements will be made on the following radio stations: (AM) WCBS 880, and WHLI 1100; (FM) WMTC 94.3, WALK 97.5, KJOY 98.3, WRCN 103.9, WBLI 106.1 and WBAB 102.3. Announcements will also be made on the following television station: Cablevision News l2. Additional emergency information can be found on our website at We will also send a call through “Connect-Ed,” our automated telephone communication system, as well as notifications through our district mobile app and Facebook page.

When schools are closed, bus transportation within and out of district is cancelled. This includes transportation for private, parochial, BOCES and other schools outside the area. When school opening is delayed, the delay will be automatically set for two (2) hours. Bus schedules will also be delayed, and children should arrive to their assigned bus stops one (1) hour later than the regularly scheduled time. After-school programs involving transportation will be cancelled. Normal dismissal schedules will be in effect.

In an emergency: In the annual questionnaire, parents are asked to name someone located in the Elmont, or nearby, who can be contacted in case of an emergency when parents cannot be reached. It is most important that this information is always kept up-to-date at your child's school.