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The Basics Elmont is our Birth to age 5 initiative launch in November of 2022 because we recognize the need to establish a strong foundation for student success. Students who are unable to read on grade level by third grade are four to six times less likely to graduate high school. We are committed to ensuring that our students are reading by the third grade! This initiative will help us reach our potential students before they even enter our school buildings.  

  The Basics, Inc. was founded by economist and Harvard University faculty director of the Achievement Gap Initiative, Dr. Ron Ferguson who understood there is a cognitive skill gap between children of different races, ethnicities, and parental education levels. The goal is to “bolster brain development for social, emotional, and cognitive skill building among children from birth to age 3 as a sturdy foundation for school readiness across whole communities”.  If we maximize our children's learning and brain development when they are young, we can dramatically increase the possibility that they will achieve their hopes and dreams for a brighter future.  

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Join Us for Our District-Wide In-Person & Zoom Workshops!

Watch how children learn when they explore through movement and play.

Reading and discussing stories creates confident thinkers.

 The Basics Elmont Celebration

Office of Pupil Personnel Services
1735 Hempstead Turnpike, Elmont

Hours for in person:

English/Urdu - 10:30AM
Spanish (Espa
ñ ol) - 11:30AM 
English/Haitian Creole - 12:30

Zoom Workshops:

English/Urdu - 6:30PM
Spanish (Espa
ñ ol) - 7:00PM 
English/Haitian Creole - 7:30PM

Meeting ID: 960 997 7331
Passcode: ELMONT




Click here for other translations - Spanish - Haitian-Creole - Urdu



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School Events:

Alden Terrace School

Clara H. Carlson School

Covert Avenue School

Dutch Broadway School

Gotham Avenue School

Stewart Manor School


The Basics Elmont Contacts

Ms. Audrey Cabbell
Director of Pupil Personnel

Ms. Lymari Tattnall
District Assigned School Counselor


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