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Parent Resources


School Lunch Payments with My School Bucks

Payments for school lunch can be made online with My School Bucks by clicking the image below.
Click here to make school lunch payments on My School Bucks.


Exceptions to Zoned Schools

By policy, the Board of Education, under specific circumstances, may approve a request for an exception to zoned school. When exceptions to zoned schools are granted, parents are responsible for transporting their children and for seeking renewal each year. Contact the district clerk at 434-2003 to request an application for such exception.


Parent Notification System - Connect-Ed

Designed to provide parents with telephone notifications of important events and information.

This automated system has the capability of reaching out to each student’s family in a matter of minutes for notifications ranging from school closings to important school events.

In order to receive important phone calls regarding emergency notifications and exciting school activities, please ensure to keep your designated school's main office or nurse's office with all the updated and correct emergency contact information.


Release of Children from School

A child may not be taken from school, even by a parent or guardian, until the person doing so goes to the main office and presents valid identification. If the child is to be picked up by someone other than the parent or guardian, prior authorization must be received from the parent or guardian.


Release of Information Under the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Unless objection to any of the specific items in the following information is submitted in writing by a parent or legal guardian, The Elmont Union Free School District herewith gives notice of intention to provide, release, or publish in the district newsletter or school bulletin, magazines, yearbooks or other publications; website, daily or weekly newspapers, musical, theatrical or awards programs, news releases, photos, videos, social media, and school-related organizations, any or all of the following information pertaining to students as may be appropriate under the circumstances; the student's name, parents' name, and school affiliation. These publication releases may come from the district's public relations firm, local newspaper or community agencies and from school or district personnel.

Under the regulations of this Act, parents, guardians, or students over the age of 18 who DO NOT desire the release of any of the above information must make a specific request in writing to the Superintendent by September 1st of each year. Failure to make such a request shall be deemed consent to release, provide, or publish the information during the school year.


Student Attendance

Parents are requested to call their schools to report student absences as early as possible. This facilitates the checking of student attendance and verifies that the child will not be in school. To report absences, call the appropriate school nurse's office listed below:

School Nurse Phone
Alden Terrace Mrs. Lisa Welsh-Gairey 285-8207
Clara H. Carlson Mrs. Deborah Gallager 326-5573
Covert Avenue Mrs. Colleen Foley 326-5563
Dutch Broadway Mrs. Yasmine Patterson 326-5553
Gotham Avenue Mrs. Jean Madonia 326-5543
Stewart Manor Mrs. Virginia Linn 326-5533

The nurse will call home when a student is absent and no reason is known. A student absence must be followed by a written excuse note from a parent. A home visit will occur if a child is absent five consecutive days and no medical evidence has been presented.