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Alden Terrace First Graders Learn About Apples

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Alden Terrace School first graders recently concluded their science unit on apples. The students learned about different kinds of apples, such as Granny Smith and Red Delicious. They researched the life cycle of an apple, from seed to tree to bud to blossom and finally to the fruit. The first graders also learned about the structure and function of the parts of a plant, creating diagrams of apples that identified the core, stem, leaf and skin. Additionally, the students hypothesized if an apple would float or sink, read “Johnny Appleseed,” and learned how technology and farming are linked as farmers utilize drones to monitor their crops.

As the culmination of the unit, the first graders headed to the building’s new STEAM Lab to participate in a variety of apple-themed activities on Oct. 13. They created apple models with the 3D printers, made an apple orchard out of Legos, utilized the green screen to share apple facts and viewed a large apple diagram. Students learned how a drone works, as the tech assistant flew a drone back and forth on a path in the STEAM Lab.

That day, the students also made their own applesauce in class.

“This unit truly encompassed everything, from science to reading to technology,” Principal Shawnée Warfield said.

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Alden Terrace’s Dads Take Your Child to School Day

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In recognition of Dads Take Your Child to School Day, recognized nationally on Sept. 21, Alden Terrace School joined the movement.

Fathers, grandfathers, father figures, uncles and mentors escorted students to school and gathered around the entrance of the bus yard. With smiling faces, students entered the building accompanied by cheers from the visiting guests. Those invited as part of Dads Take Your Child to School Day clapped, smiled and welcomed every child in support of education.

“Our students were excited to see their faces and to receive their support. We’re happy to be a part of this positive event each year!” Assistant Principal Shona Beldo said.

Date Added: 10/3/2023