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Stewart Manor School’s TRACKS Assembly

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Stewart Manor School students learned about the Long Island Railroad and railroad safety during a TRACKS (Together Railroads and Communities Keeping Safe) Assembly, presented by the LIRR on Oct. 5.

Due to the school’s proximity to train tracks, Assistant Principal Tara Savage felt it was important to teach students about track safety and best practices when at a train station or near train tracks.

The assembly, led by LIRR community relations specialist Chrisann Fabio, taught students basic train safety concepts, such as staying off the tracks, the dangers of the third rail, platform safety and railroad crossings. The LIRR representative also discussed general train information, such as who the conductor and engineer are. She introduced the students to Safety Sam, the LIRR’s new superhero.

Each student received a book, “The Adventures of Safety Sam and Tracks the Dog.” They’ll also have the opportunity to participate in the LIRR’s 2023-24 Safety Sticker Contest. Students can create the picture, slogan or both about safety around trains and tracks to be considered for the contest, which began Oct. 15.

Date Added: 10/16/2023