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Gotham Avenue School Hosts Annual Gotham University

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Gotham Avenue School students were introduced to college life and potential careers during the annual Gotham University: College and Career Day, on June 13. The day’s activities were organized by teachers Larissa Ango, Dana McGruder and Lindsey Bascetta.

All students and staff were encouraged to wear college apparel, career outfits or Gotham Gear. Read aloud activities, videos, games and lessons were provided by the coordinators for the classroom teachers to utilize throughout the day, along with the planned events.

Students in grades K-2 were visited by representatives of school staff, who spoke about their job and responsibilities. Model UN and Student Government representatives presented to students in grades 1-2, sharing interviewing skills.

For students in grades 3-4, guest speakers were invited to share about their careers. The students picked two professionals they wanted to meet. Careers represented included a project manager, car salesman, principal law clerk, police officers, zookeeper, flight attendant and RN supervisor. Additionally, former Gotham Avenue students and current college students from Farmingdale State College and Quinnipiac University were invited as guest speakers.

Students in grades 5-6 participated in two pre-selected college courses. Prior to Gotham University Day, the students were provided a list of courses and ranked them from least to most interested. The available courses included 3D Printing, the Basics of Kickball, Essentials of Lacrosse, Health and Skincare, Intro to Latin Dance, Intro to Mindfulness and Self Care, Optical Illusion Art, Outdoor Game Play Strategy, Passion Poetry and the Science of Cooking.

Date Added: 6/26/2024

Gotham Avenue School Field Day

Gotham Avenue School Field Day. thumbnail259294

To celebrate the end of the school year with fun outdoor activities, Gotham Avenue School hosted a Field Day for students in grades 3-6 on May 30.

Students were either on the blue team or the white team, as each activity gained them points if they won. The activities included relays, an obstacle course, Tic-Tac-Toe, Ga-Ga, Fireman’s Fill Up and a water balloon toss, among others. The students were also able to take a break and enjoy a watermelon snack at the rest station.

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Date Added: 6/6/2024