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Dutch Broadway School Fifth Graders Experiment with “What’s in the Bag?”

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Dutch Broadway School fifth grade classes all participated in a state-mandated science lab, “What’s in the Bag?” on Nov. 20.

The purpose of the lab was for the students to determine if a new substance was formed after mixing water and antacid tablets in an enclosed Ziploc bag. Working in groups, the students were given a whole tablet, a tablet broken into four pieces or a tablet in many pieces for their experiments. They observed how long it took for their tablet to disintegrate in the water, as well as the phases of matter and the final contents of the bag. The students recorded their observations throughout the experiment.

Date Added: 11/30/2023

Red Ribbon Week at Dutch Broadway School

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Dutch Broadway School recently celebrated Red Ribbon Week. Students were reminded of the significance of kindness and the benefits of having a drug-free lifestyle through talks and activities led by the building’s wellness team and staff.

Each day of Red Ribbon Week, students and staff were encouraged to participate in themed days to spread the concepts and create a sense of unity. The week kicked off with students wearing red. Then, their favorite sports apparel on Tuesday, a hat on Wednesday, workout wear and activities on Thursday and Dutch Broadway spirit wear on Friday to conclude the week.

Additionally, students were encouraged to create posters with positive messages. A dance celebration called ROARing with Kindness marked the end of the week-long event.

Date Added: 11/20/2023