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Gotham Ave Student Government

Mission Statement

THE MISSION OF THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT, is to make sure that the needs of all students in Gotham Avenue School are being met. We, the representatives, are chosen to act as a voice for our peers. We want to help with communication between students, teachers, administrators and staff. We advocate (stand up) for the needs of the students and staff while participating in civic tasks to boost community relationships.

The purpose of Student Government is to:

  • Unify the school and promote school spirit
  • Build bridges with the community
  • Develop an understanding of the democratic process
  • Inspire students to be proactive in their communities
  • Provide opportunities for philanthropy


How You Can Support Us:

  • Bring Box Tops! Box Tops for Education can be found on many products you buy! Cut them out and bring them to school. There is a collection box in the lobby!
  • Bring Pull Tabs! Pull Tabs are found on metal cans! We collect them and donate them to the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay and many other wonderful programs! Let’s help them out. Bring all pull tabs to Room 239, or find the collection box in the lobby of the school!
  • Parents of Student Government Representatives will receive notices to volunteer. Please help out and support us for sales and fundraisers!
  • Teachers and Staff of Gotham - Click here for the Suggestion Box


Did You Know?

  • Our Mascot is the Gray Wolf! His name is Thunder! We voted for this mascot in 2015 and named him in 2016!
  • Our official school colors are Blue and White!


This Year

We have been working hard and fundraising! We have many projects going on. Upcoming events include Pennies for Patients and the Great Gray Wolf Grade Level Challenge!


Past Years in Review:


The Gotham Archives

The Gotham Archives is the Official Gotham Avenue scrapbook documenting events and news in Gotham Avenue School, The Elmont U.F.S.D., the Elmont community, Long Island, New York, and the World! We have articles, photos, documents and artifacts dating from the late 1940s to the present! The Gotham Archives are available to browse in the Student Government meeting room. Click here for the Gotham Gazette and the MiniPress, a sample of artifacts for the Gotham Archives. It is the first Gotham School Newsletter. It dates from 1958 to 1970. It has many interesting articles on life at Gotham during these years!